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Safety Information

SSC camps are an opportunity for our young members and leaders to interact in an atmosphere of trust and tolerance. Friendships are made and teamwork and camaraderie often results in lifelong friendships spanning the generations. For many young people it is a unique opportunity to camp, explore the outdoors and meet a wide range of people, both young and old. Young people and leaders gain the experiences involved in establishing a mini-community and in the benefits of volunteering. This impacts both, in the lives of the young people and also the communities in which they live.

"Camp is not about the site, the tents or the activities. It is about the people and the enjoyment they bring to each activity …The SSC has taught me to … understand the fact that we as humans have not forgotten our responsibility to look out for each other."


Safety is high on our list of priorities; activities such as swimming, canoeing and rock climbing are only carried out under the supervision of qualified staff and all camps and activities have a very high staff/camper ratio. The ratio at our last mixed camp was one adult to every four school members, but with those in fifth and sixth years performing the role of group and tent leaders (for which they are given training) this makes a ratio of one leader for every two children. This high level of supervision is one of the keys to our success.

It is, of course, impossible to make anything entirely safe – young people have more accidents in their own home than anywhere else – but you can be assured that we are very conscious of safety and make our best efforts to minimise risks.

Child Protection

We follow current Youth Work guidelines and all our voluntary leaders have to register with the SSC, supply two independent referees and undergo Child Protection Training.   All officers have an up to date PVG before attending any residential event.

Download our Child Protection Policy

“It’s changed my perspective on life!!”