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Our Team

The SSC is run by a dedicated team of volunteers, mostly former campers of student age. At the SSC young people are encouraged to take their place as leaders and influencers, and to support the next generation.  

Each area of camp is staffed and supervised by an experienced officer (that’s our name for volunteers working at camp) and our Camp Chiefs are from the top ten most experienced officers in the club. All year round, we’re supported by an Administrator.

SSC members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have gone on to do amazing things in business, sports, entertainment, government, faith groups and education. Eric Liddell, the inspiration for the Oscar-winning film Chariots of Fire was a member and so was British Lions captain Finlay Calder.

Every SSC volunteer is trained in the care of young people. Training mostly takes place during camp: new officers are coached and supported by senior members through a buddy system. We also run training week-ends throughout the year for school leavers, younger officers and for the club as a whole.

Officers get certified training in First Aid, Food Hygiene & Bronze Medallion (swimming); and they can take sports coaching courses run by the SFA & SRU.

All our voluntary leaders have to register with the SSC, supply two independent referees and undergo Child Protection Training.   All officers have an up to date PVG before attending any residential event.

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