Our Team

The SSC is run by a dedicated team of volunteers varying in ages and experiance. Most of our volunteers have been campers and since decided to come back as officers/volunteers. All our officers hold up to date PVG's and receive training in child protection.

During the summer, each area of camp is staffed and supervised by an experienced officer (that’s our name for volunteers working at camp) and our Camp Chiefs are experienced officers within the club who oversee the camps. All year round, we’re supported by an Administrator (part time) and our Management Committee who keep the club running smoothly on a voluntary basis.

The SSC is open to everyone and prides itself in diversity within camper and volunteer groups. We aim to include everyone and work hard to accomodate people as best we can. 

Every SSC volunteer is trained in the care of young people. Training mostly takes place during camp and new officers are coached and supported by senior officers. We also run training week-ends throughout the year for school leavers, younger officers and for the club as a whole for training and development purposes.

Officers get certified training in First Aid, Food Hygiene & Life Guarding and they can take sports coaching courses run by the SFA & SRU. We encourage our volunteers to partake in any and all training oppurtunities that could be useful to them and the club. Volunteer development is crucial to us and helps keep the club up to date and ensures the safety of all on site during events. 

All officers have an up to date PVG with disclosure Scotland before attending any residential event and are expected to hold themselves to a high standard of professionalism within the youth work setting. 


SSC sports field

Our Values

Our Motto at The SSC is “Teneo et Teneor” which means “I hold and am held” - a sentiment which means a lot to us. The clubs aim is; to create an inclusive environment where young people are encouraged to flourish and think for themselves in an atmosphere of fun, friendship and respect.

The SSC has fostered many lifelong friendships spanning the generations and we hope to continue to be a kind and inclusive space where young people can be part of something special. For many young people it is a unique opportunity to camp, explore the outdoors and meet a wide range of people.