Frequently Asked Questions 


What does ‘The SSC’ stand for?

The SSC has been on the go since 1912 and was founded by Stanley Nairne. At the time it was only accessible to boys (I know right?!) and so historically the club was called Scottish Schoolboys Club. We are, of course, very far from that now. The SSC is open to everyone and always will be. Nowadays the club is officially called ‘The SSC (A Club for the Youth of Scotland)’ but is usually just referred to as ‘The SSC’.


What are the facilities like?

Campers and volunteers sleep in 12-man canvas tents which have stood the test of time and are checked regularly to ensure they are fit for purpose. These are surprisingly cosy and provide excellent shelter. We have 3 main marquees: one for the kitchen which is manned by volunteer staff; one for the mess tent where we eat and serve food, and one for the canteen where we have a tuck shop, and where we host afternoon activities and well as a singsong show at night time. 

There is a bathroom block with hot (gas powered) showers and toilet cubicles/urinals depending on which side you enter, and sinks. These are cleaned and maintained by volunteer staff. We also have a new bunkhouse (wheelchair accessible) which works as an office for summer staff and has two bedrooms with bunk beds for when campers or staff are feeling unwell,need some time to themselves or to have private conversations.


What should I bring to camp? 

There will be a comprehensive kit list sent out to you closer to summer along with any other information you might need to know about transport and about what to expect. We also have Facebook event pages where we will post more information closer to events. For a quick idea of what you might need to bring: 


Kit List

Warm clothes for 7 days (don’t forget lots of socks)
Toiletries including a towel
Warm sleeping bag, pillow and pyjamas
Clothes suitable for sports
Swimming kit
Raincoat and wellies
Any prescribed medication
Bug repellant
A small rucksack for day trips
A Torch
A teatowel


Is there wifi?

The majority of camp takes place in marquees so we don’t have mains electricity. So, no - no wifi. OMG! We have a landline for emergencies and volunteer staff who will always be there if you need to speak to someone. We also have a generator which can be used to charge electronics although we would encourage campers not to bring anything expensive or valuable in case it breaks or gets lost.


Can I pay for camp in installments?

Any questions about payment should be directed to our administrator, Alice. She can be contacted at She works part time so you may have to hang tight for a few days but she will get back to you and sort out something which works for you.


What if I can’t afford to send my child to camp?

The SSC is a registered charity and we aim to make sure that every person who wants to come to camp can! Get in touch with our administrator, Alice and she will chat to you about our Assisted Places Fund and how it can help. Email her at or call  0131 5556123 and leave a voicemail message.


What does a day at camp look like?

The activities each day do vary but the daily structure stays the same. We start the day with a big breakfast to give us fuel for an activity packed day and then we have Discussions where we explore some social and political issues (we usually have a topic for the week). Every day we play sports for an hour or so before lunch (some sports you will know and some we invented!) . After lunch we have a wide range of different activities on offer and campers can take part in as many or as little as they want (we have a list of activities available here). All our meals are eaten together so after a jam packed afternoon everyone comes back together again for dinner. After dinner we have a camp wide game played with all campers! Then we have Sing-Song where campers and volunteers can go up on stage to show off their talents. Whether that be singing telling a joke or just burping really loud, anything goes! After Sing-Song we have a warm mug of coco together and then get ready for a good sleep in a cosy sleeping bag, (after catching up with your new friends in your tent, of course) excited to get up the next morning and do it all again!


My child has additional needs - will you be able to support them?

At The SSC we are inclusive to a range of different needs and abilities. Please contact us with any specifications or questions that you might have and we can chat about what kind of support is available and we will always try our best to facilitate your child.


My child has dietary requirements - will you be able to cater for them?

We cater for all dietary requirements including vegan, halal, gluten free and more. If your child has complex dietary requirements, please contact us so we can talk about how best to cater for them.


Who are your volunteers?

The majority of our volunteers came to camp as young people and loved it so much they came back as youth workers. Some have been coming for over 30 years! All of our volunteers are PVG checked and trained in child protection. On top of that we have lifeguards, first aiders and volunteers who are specifically in charge of making sure every camper is having a great time!


What if my child gets homesick?

We have dedicated staff members whose main focus is ensuring all campers are happy and having a good time. We know that this environment is not for everyone and can be challenging for different reasons. We try to help immerse children in activities and making friends before broaching the topic of calling or going home. Usually campers are so busy having a great time they soon feel better and often end up extending their stay. We have campers of all ages who have been coming to The SSC for many years,they are always a great support to new campers, and are always willing to show them the ropes. 


What if I have to cancel at last minute?

Details on refunding can be found on the terms and conditions page. 


How do I become a volunteer for The SSC?

We would love you to become a volunteer for The SSC! All you need to do is email and we will send you a PVG form as well as a booklet with information for first time officers. We will then get in touch and ask for some additional details and take it from there!