Struan Camp 2020 and Advanced Guard.  All dates cancelled!

Following the Government’s guidance, we have taken the extremely difficult decision to suspend The SSC’s summer programme as planned for 2020. 

We’ve been working hard to contact everyone who has a booking with us and answering any queries you may have. We thank you for your collaboration and understanding during this challenging time.

We’re sure you’ve got many questions, so we’ve collected some of the most frequently asked ones below. 

Before contacting us, please have a read through. If your question isn’t listed, please email us: with your full name, question and contact details and we will get back to you.  We are here for you!

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For specific guidance on the virus, the latest government advice can be found here


Everything you need to know

Why has Struan Camp 2020 and Advanced Guard been cancelled?

Following the Government’s guidance, The SSC have suspended all face-to-face meetings, activities and events for the time being. Sadly, this means we have decided to suspend our 2020 summer events – Struan Camp and Advanced Guard taking place in July and August.  The safety of our staff, volunteers, campers, their parents, guardians and carers are our most important priority. That is always at the heart of our decision making. 

We will continue to follow official guidance and respond to the developing situation in a calm, measured and appropriate way.

Will Struan Camp and Advanced Guard be rescheduled in 2020?

In these uncertain times, we’re unable to set a new date for both events in 2020 – we’ll all need to wait another year! But that will give us extra time to prepare an amazing camp programme for 2021, and we’re already excited.

Save the dates!

Advanced Guard: Saturday 3 July - Friday 9 July 2021 

Week 1: Saturday 17 July - Saturday 24 July 2021  

Week 2: Saturday 24 July - Saturday 31 July 2021 


I would have been a ‘last time camper’ in 2020, can I still come?

Struan Camp is an event for 10-18 years olds. If you’re 18 years old  in 2021 you may not be able to attend as a camper, depending on when you left school. If you are unsure about this at all, please get in contact and we can clarify the position. However, there are many other exciting ways to get involved though - as a year round or a camp volunteer officer. If you’re interested in joining our team, email us in November.  You will need an up-to-date PVG completed which will allow you to work with young people. We can help you organise that but there is no need to complete later this year. 

I’ve paid already, will I get a full refund?

Yes, if you’ve paid for your booking, you’ll receive a full refund. Please be patient and we will contact you with the next steps.

Can I transfer the money I have paid to next year’s camp?

Yes, if you’ve paid for your booking, please email us with your full name and names of the Campers you have paid for and we will transfer your payments to next year’s camp. Please be patient and we will contact you with confirmation of how much you have paid and confirmation that this has been transferred to next year’s camp.

I’ve made a booking but we haven’t paid yet, do I need to do anything?

No, you don’t. We’ll cancel your booking and will email you to confirm the cancellation.

When will I get the refund?

That will depend on your method of payment, but don’t worry we’ll email you with a detailed description of the process. If you chose to:

- Pay online when making the booking, the refund will be actioned during the month of April and the money should go back in your account before the end of this month. Please check the account linked to the card you used for the booking and only contact us if the money hasn’t arrived 10 days after the refund process was initiated.  (2nd week in May).

- Pay by BACS or cheque payment, we will contact you to ask for bank details to issue the refund. In this case refunds may take up to 60 days.

How will I get my refund?

We want to make the process as easy as possible for you – we’re sure you’ve got a lot going

on! The process will follow these steps.  Please email to confirm whether you want a refund or whether you want camp fees to be put towards 2021 Camp.  

1. We’ll get in touch to either initiate the refund process or confirm transfer of payment to Camp 2021.

2. Depending on your method of payment we may ask you to confirm your bank details

3. We will process the refund to your account

4. You will receive the money.

Do I need to do anything to receive the refund?

Please email to confirm whether you want a refund or whether you want camp fees to be put towards 2021 Camp. If we need you to do anything or confirm any details, we’ll be in touch via email.


Who should I contact for a refund?

The SSC team will get in touch with you regarding your refund. Please be patient as we are dealing with a high number of enquiries now. You’ll hear from us within the next week or two.

Will you refund any other costs incurred?

Unfortunately, we won’t cover other costs incurred.


I recently sent a cheque, what should I do?


Check your account to see if the cheque has been cashed. If it has been, we’ll be in touch

about a refund. If the cheque hasn’t been cashed yet, rest assured that we won’t bank any cheques received after the 9th April 2020. We would suggest you get in touch with your bank and cancel the cheque; all cheques received after 9th April 2020 will be destroyed.


I have recently applied to become a volunteer officer at Camp what should I do?


If you have been sent a PVG form out in the post, please do not complete this at this time.  You can contact us again in November and we will start the process again for Camp 2021. If you have a specific question please email


Thank you for your support at this unprecedented time.


“Teneo et Teneor” 

I hold and am held